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W. Higgins

We are so happy with our new family area! Pine Mountain Builders created an open concept kitchen and dining room that gave us everything we needed. The project was completed on time, while their knowledgeable staff kept us well informed throughout construction process with helpful suggestions for design changes along the way too - it's not easy dealing remotely from Colorado but they did just fine without any hassle or problem at all (I know because my emails were always answered). We love how cozy this space has become now that there is enough room in here to seat everyone comfortably around one large round table eat summer meal together as if you're outside enjoying

S. Flemming

Kevin, the owner of Pine Mountain Builders is a gem! He did an incredible job on our home remodel. The crew he hired were professional and easy going people who made us feel like family during this process - we are very satisfied with how everything turned out."

R. Sampson

I was in an awful lot of trouble after my remodel project took a turn for the worst with another contractor. Luckily, I found Pine Mountain Builders who finished the job to perfection!!

P. Kelso

I have had the pleasure of working with Pine Mountain Builders on several home projects and I can say that their work never disappoints. They always come up within budget, completing jobs quickly for an excellent finish!

J. Mason

Kevin's team at Pine Mountain Builders did an amazing job on my new home. I would recommend them to a friend or family in need of this service!

D. Huntsman

When we renovated our home, it was important to us that the layout opened up and offered a space where everyone could be around. The kitchen has been re-oriented so you can cook at different angles while still being able see what's going on in other rooms without having any barriers between them - especially since there are no longer doors taking up wallspace!

C. Newsom

When Kevin from Pine Mountain Builders called me with an idea to renovate my house, I was excited. He and his team are all that you want in a contractor for any major home renovation-they were communicative without being overbearing; timely with deadlines met (and not early); knowledgeable about every step of the process while being friendly enough so as not feel like work is something unpleasant but instead enjoyable! There's nothing more satisfying than seeing someone achieve their dream space because they put effort into making it happen yourself-- THAT'S what this company does best!!
The only downside throughout everything? NONE!!!

J. Artusi

Pine Mountain Builders made our bathroom remodel so easy and fun! They were super organized, quality minded but also really nice people who took the time to get know what we wanted without ever interrupting us or talking over us during meetings-a rare find these days (I'm sorry if this sounds cliche). The end result? An awesome new space that's perfect for getting ready in—just like home sweet home :)

G. White

The entire experience with this company has been nothing short of amazing. Our master bedroom addition and kitchen are everything we dreamed of, thanks to those who made it happen!

R. Lathrop

You can't go wrong when you hire Pine Mountain Builders! We did our master bathroom and it turned out perfectly. They solved all of these technical challenges we had, which made this whole process easy for us - not to mention how happy they made me feel in front of my new sink with its perfect size faucets (I'm sure there are more things I don’t even know about yet). And now after just one job from them?! It's time for kitchen addition and remodel the rest of the home. 

G. Lackersly

When my bank and architect recommended Pine Mountain Builders, I knew that they were the experts for this job. They have done plenty of work in their area which means there's no need to worry about them not knowing what needs doing or how best do it! The team at PMB was able take care all aspects from start-to finish with ease thanks largely because everyone on staff is experienced enough...

Rusell Development

Pine Mountain Builders has always been my go-to for building projects. I've worked with them on several home builds, and they never fail to meet expectations or come in on budget! It's great knowing that if we ever need another house built again quickly (which certainly can happen), Pine mountain will be right at hand

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