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Kevin Capps has always had a passion for working with his hands. At an early age, he started his career as a carpenter in the union and quickly gained experience framing homes for large custom home builders. It was quickly recognized by some of peers he was working with that he had a passion and eye for detail that went into these homes, and they soon asked him to start building these homes from start to finish. This was the start of K.C.Customs, Inc. being recognized as more than just a framing contractor - now working with other clients as a general contractor to build custom home projects.


Kevin has been visiting the McCall area for over 20 years now, enjoying all that the area has to offer in terms of hunting, fishing, skiing and the friendly people of the community. He always knew that he would someday call this place home, and he recently made the decision to start a new company in McCall building and remodeling homes. He is so proud to start his new venture with his new company Pine Mountain Builders of McCall, and he hopes to create another milestone by creating unique homes that meet each client's lifestyle.


Pine Mountain Builders of McCall has a 24/7 accessible client portal that makes it easier to communicate with clients at any time. There are many decisions and arrangements that need to be made, and everything must be handled within an appropriate time limit to ensure the construction schedule and budget are met. And for those clients who live away from your construction project area, we provide a handy way for you to see how things are going on a daily basis.

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